Cooking Party
Chat of Unusual Touch brings fun, effective and lively cooking classes to the privacy of your own home. Celebrating a special occasion can be uniquely different with a cooking lesson and a delicious feast from a collaborative effort. The classes can be organized to accommodate your needs, budget, and number of guests. Events can include birthday parties, anniversaries or just getting together to learn how to cook.

Special Training & Special Skill
Chat of Unusual Touch offers customized, hands-on classes for employees of restaurants, hotels, private clubs or schools in order to gain new, special skills. Classes such as Fruit & Vegetable Carving and Sushi & Kaiseki add necessary skills to your organization’s culinary repertoire. Learn to create elegant banquet displays and diversify your food’s flavors and presentations. Classes can be arranged to fit the organizational needs of your employees, busy schedules, and locations. Past clients include Pacific Union of San Francisco, Mother Club of Diablo, Ladies of Echibana, etc. Contact Chat directly for more information and cost.

Cost of Private Event
An instructional event can be arranged to fit the privacy of your own home with your specified date, number of participants and budget. See the cost break down below for 10 people. The instructional time is between 2-4 hours.

Development and printing of recipes, food shopping, and instruction
(Fee ranges between $300 - $400 depending on the number of participants)
Food cost for 10 people at $22.50 (hypothetically) per person
(food cost is between $15-$22.50 depending on the menu)
Sous chefs at event if needed ($125 each) TBD
Assistants for cleaning up if needed ($85 each) TBD
Table decorations (flowers and votive candles @ $50 per table) TBD
Rentals (tablecloth, napkins; delivery and pick-up) TBD
Chef hats and plastic aprons (ranges from $3-$10 per person) TBD
TOTAL $575.00