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Travel Arrangements

Trip Dates
Chat of Unusual Touch leads small tour groups, 2-3 times a year. The trips to Thailand are scheduled during the best local seasons when the temperature, humidity and amount of rain are at their lowest.

Trip Noi (23-day, Thailand): December - January
Trip Yai (28-day, Thailand and Angkors of Cambodia): December - January

Cost of the Trips
Trip Noi is $3550. The trip includes a round trip ticket (15 hours flight) from San Francisco International Airport to Bangkok International Airport, transportation in the tour, 2-3 meals a day, nightly accommodation of double occupancy and selected group activities.

Trip Yai is $4050. This trip is the same as Trip Noi plus a round trip ticket (1hour and 15 minutes flight) from Bangkok to Seamreap, Cambodia, local transportation, 2-3 meals a day, nightly accommodation of double occupancy and selected group activities. A local tour guide will join the trip and help lead the entire tour.

Cost Includes
Trip cost includes accommodations, meals, and transportation. It does NOT include travel document fees, airport taxes and fees, travel insurance, medical expenses, baggage fees, beverages, private meals, special arrangements and services, and gratuity.

Double occupancy of hotels or similar lodging with several grades of service are included. Occasionally when there is no alternative, sharing a long house with many trip members is inevitable. Camping equipment is available in some areas with an extra small fee attached and can be used on the beach and in the woods.

Two to three meals daily of breakfast or brunch or lunch and dinner, mostly family style, are included. Members are encouraged to seek a private, solo-eating event when possible on his or her owns expense.

Transportation of a round-trip ticket from San Francisco to Bangkok and local means of conveyance in Thailand such as plane, train, automobile, boat, canoe, and on some occasion, elephant or other tame riding animals are included. Reservation and air travel arrangements will be made through Community Travel Agency.

Booking the Trip
A $300 deposit is required per person to book a trip. The remaining balance is due 60 days prior to the departure date. A trip with less than 7 members will be cancelled. Chat of Unusual Touch reserves the right to alter the itinerary, postpone or cancel any trip as he deems necessary (see cancellation policy).

All costs are subject to change due to any increases of airline and room rates. All costs are based on groups of 12-14 people, per person with double occupancy. In the case of a group size with less than 11 people, an additional $150 per person is requested to cover the additional expenses.

Cancellations and Refunds
A refund of the total amount less $100 per person will be given upon a written request received 60 days before departure. A refund of one-half the total amount will be given upon a written request received 30 days before departure. No refund will be given upon a request received less than 30 days before departure. A full refund will be given if the trip is cancelled. If at any time you decide to leave the group during the trip, the unused portion of your trip is not refundable.

Precaution and Protection
All members are required to possess a valid passport good for at least 1 year. For U.S. citizens, a 30-day Thai visitor’s visa will be granted at no cost upon arrival in Bangkok. All members are required a visitor’s visa to enter neighboring countries of Thailand, which have different regulations (contact the particular embassy or consulate near you). To ensure easy access to neighboring countries, it is recommended to apply for the visa 60 days prior to the departure date. Otherwise, a visa can be obtained in Bangkok through a local travel agent for a small service fee in addition to the visa fee. The application process takes 3-4 days with your signed application form, 2 passport photographs and your valid passport. For non-U.S. citizens, extra travel requirements may apply.

Travel insurance is available with various types of coverage including forfeiting your trip. Contact your insurance agent.

Thailand has no medical concerns at the moment especially in tour locations. Check with the Public Health Department for current recommended or required vaccinations for other neighboring countries in the itinerary. In case of a medical emergency, medical facilities and hospitals are conveniently located throughout Thailand with adequate qualified personal, services, and much lower cost than U.S. facilities. Check your medical insurance policy whether you need to acquire a specific form to be completed by local physicians or if you should apply for special travel medical insurance.

Chat of Unusual Touch and his associates serve as agents for the members in regard to all means of travel and assume no liability for any injury, damage, loss, accident or delay. We are not responsible for losses or additional expense due to delay or changes in any services, sickness, weather, strikes, war, quarantine, or acts of god. All such losses will have to be shared by the members as trip rates provide arrangements only for the time and conditions stated.

A round-trip air ticket from San Francisco to Bangkok can be reserved, after paying the deposit, through the Community Travel Agency. They will find the best airfare at the time of our departure. The travel agent will select the best price from three airlines: Japan, Thai International, and EVA of Taiwan. You need to make your own domestic travel arrangements to get to San Francisco.

For frequent-flier mile users and people making their own flight arrangements, please make your own travel arrangements and deduct $700 from the price of the package deal. You are responsible for meeting up with the group in Bangkok.

For those who want to stay longer, you may make arrangements with the travel agent or the airline to postpone your return date, usually at no additional cost.

All trips are scheduled during the winter season of Thailand. An average day is about 80-90F degrees with moderate humidity comparing to the plus 100F degree, high humidity days of summer. An evening and nighttime temperature is reduced by 10-15F degrees depending on the region of Thailand. An exception is in the mountainous North, where nights and mornings can surprisingly be a chilly 50-60F degrees.

Wearing shorts and T-shirts are comfortable and acceptable for traveling except when visiting government buildings and holy places, then long pants, short or long dress shirts with sleeves and proper shoes are required. No shoes are allowed in certain places such as inner quarters of the temple and palace as a Thai code of respect.

You only need to bring along a few items of clothing because Thailand is a shopping paradise, especially for apparel. You can find good quality merchandises or have outfits tailor-made at a very low price.