Thailand Trip
Visit Thailand and gain a personal experience of the native Thai tastes and Thai culture. Chat of Unusual Touch leads small groups of Thai food enthusiasts, 2-3 times a year, to explore Thailand in various aspects of eating, cooking, daytime and nighttime sightseeing and local living. We will share many memorable and fun activities.

Description of the Trips

Trip Noi
Noi, a regular 23-day trip, travels around Thailand from the mountainous northern region, through the colorful central plains and ends in the tropical paradise of the south. The trip itinerary will include visiting various attraction sites and low profile spots in many provinces of each region. We will be eating and tasting the local cuisine in popular neighborhood restaurants, learning local cooking and experiencing local activities, such as elephant trekking, log rafting, hiking, canoeing, snorkeling, fishing, surfing, or just lying on the beach (see the trip itinerary.

Trip Yai
Trip Yai, a special 28-day trip occasionally organized, is the same as Trip Noi. However, this tour includes 4-6 days enjoying the cuisine and sights of a neighboring country, such as Angkors of Cambodia, Rangoon of Myanmar, Vientiane of Laos, or Hanoi of Vietnam. (see the trip itinerary.)

Private Trip
Private Trip, a customized trip of any length can be organized for you and your group of any number. Please contact Chat directly.

Southeast Asian Trip
In the near future, Chat of Unusual Touch will organize a small tour group to various countries in Southeast Asia, such as Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. The tour will either be concentrated on traveling through one country or several countries on the same trip. Please voice your interest and enlist your name to accumulate our minimum number of trip members. Contact Chat directly.